Thursday, June 13, 2013

Clover Press

Clover Press

I cut and polished some marble slabs to index card size.  I have access to diamond lapidary equipment for the cutting and polishing.  I use blank index cards which are great because of the thickness.  The base is mahogany cut from old automotive tooling.  I glued some felt to the bottom to protect the furniture.  The guide tubes are automotive brake line cut to equal lengths.  I pre-drilled the holes for a tight no glue fit.  My wife finds four leaf clovers during her morning walks.  If I find one a year I am happy.  Please also note that the index cards can be dated for the day found.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Flint Knapping Pad

I decided to make my own Flint Knapping pad.  I used two layers of conveyor belt cemented to a matching size piece of wood.    I used a hole punch on only one layer of belting to cut to a hole. It is easier to cut the hole first and then use snips to cut towards the hole. I used contact cement because I read somewhere that for this application you need flexible glue.  Time will tell.  I have been asked if I have enough clamps; my answer is always the same. You never have enough clamps.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Bimini Ring Game - Ring the bull

I wanted to make a string and ring game for quite some time.  It took me a little longer to make than I planned, but once I started playing it; it did not matter.  I employed an adjustable hose clamp to hold a metal swivel to attach the string to the extended pipe.  I used nylon string and a brass ring so I can keep it outside.  If I make another, I will use a snap swivel so I can take the string and ring off in the winter time.  The base has wheels so I can move it to other areas of my yard.  The extended pipe can go even higher.  If I go higher I will need to move the string attachment point out.  Moving the attachment point out, I than can lengthen the sting.  I feel the longer the string the better the game.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Metal working tools

Here are some tools I use on sheet metal.

this is my hole punch.  I lucked out and found a mounting base, which I mounted on a scrap piece of wood.

I like using brass shim stock to work with.  the red handle shears work great for detail work.

Bee hive corner work

Brass attached to bee hive

some tools used for puncing patterns into the brass.
I try and make a few extras to allow me to pick the best ones.

Plastic etching panel bee hive

Here are some pictures of tools used and my plastic etching panel for the bee hive

My sandblasting station
I use my small etching gun instead of the large gun.   This set up for my applications really work well, I do not have do any major clean up.  The small gun is top loaded and allows me to see the areas better.  

Plexiglass plastic panel covered with easy removal tape with my geometrical Bee patterns.


Here is the etched panel mounted on the bee hive.  You can see the bee shadows on the bee hive.  the shadows seem to float across bee hive with the change of the suns direction.

leatherworking tools leather work

Some of my leather working tools